Overview of the National Standards Laboratory (NSL)

National Standards Laboratory (NSL) of Liberia as a testing and calibration facility is linked to Liberia’s initiative and processes to meeting WTO regulations especially aiming at strengthening the SPS system in Liberia ( enabling the country to prevent importation of sub-standard products that may threaten public, plant or animal health, and assuring food and agriculture exports from Liberia meet international standards ). The initial support was received through the West Africa Quality Program (which received funding from the EU) implemented by UNIDO in collaboration with the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as its lead ministry. It is also part of a regional program working toward strengthen quality infrastructure in order to support competitiveness and harmonization of TBT and SPS measures in West Africa. The NSL facility was formally dedicated by H.E.Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia on 9th September 2011.


The mission of the National Standards Laboratory of Liberia is to provide quality services in the areas of product testing and calibration for the purpose of improving the sanitary phyto-sanitary (SPS) system of Liberia, meeting food and basic commodities quality and control and facilitating trade.


The National standards laboratory of Liberia is a premier quality infrastructure of Liberia that is meeting customer’s satisfaction while maintaining international standards.

Aim/objective and core function

The National Standards Laboratory of Liberia main objectives are providing testingand calibration services that will enable the country to prevent the importation of sub-standard products that may threaten public, plant or animal health, and assuring food and agriculture export from Liberia meet international standards.


The quality policy of the National Standards Laboratory of Liberia is to maintain, uphold and promote good and professional practices aimed at meeting and upholding the satisfaction and confidence of the customers while maintaining international standards of testing with the highest achievable accuracy and provide traceable high quality service to the satisfaction of the customers in conformity with applicable requirements of ISO 17025: 2005 international standards.


Importance of the National Standards Laboratory

NSL is key to meeting WTO regulations:


  1. Agreement on application of Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary measures (Recognize right of government to take sanitary measures based on sound science principles & applied to the extent necessary to protect human, animal, and plant life or health).
  2. Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (Aimed to protect consumers against economic fraud and deception, thus touching  on requirements of quality and composition, labeling, nutrition, and methods of testing).

NSL services are supportive mechanism in thePRS II economic transformation agenda especially enabling private sector development and export reform policy: It enables regulatory environment aim at reducing impediment to expansion of employment and production, especially of tradable goods by making Liberian products more competitive for export and with making sure imports meet international standards.

Providing technical services required by regulatory authorities like the Ministries of Health and Social Welfare for executing the National Food Safety Guidelines ; EPA for effecting Water Quality Guidelines for registration process and quality control of water industries and strengthening environmental control in the area of waste water and effluent analysis of industries and air quality survey; the MoCI for implementing the proposed directives of High Risk Goods and meeting export sector reform; Ministry of Agriculture for  agricultural and food security and SPS activities; Ministry of Lands Mines Energy for water and mining activities

The lab is a potentially viable income generating entity which can eventually lead to itsself sustainability through its services to meet the demands of national projects, businesses and industries in Liberia, regionally and globally. As an accredited lab, its stands to benefit in several ways especially increase in its credibility and likelihood of winning international contracts


Services and Scope


The National Standards Laboratory of Liberia is established to render testing in the area of microbiological and chemical analysis on food and non-food products, and metrological services- calibration and verification of length, mass, temperature and volume.

The lab also strives to build technical capacity of collaborating bodies through rendering technical services in terms of trainings in quality management with also food and safety management systems.

The NSL has three basic laboratories: the chemical laboratory, the microbiology laboratory and the metrology laboratory.


Stephen Y. Mambu,
Acting Quality Director
Official email: mambusteve@staff.moci.gov.lr
Private email: mambusteve@yahoo.com; mambusteve24@gmail.com
Office phone No.: +231 (0206 204 691)
Mobile phone: +231 (0 886 24 6161; 0 77 8451 93)