Division of Knowledge Management & Archive

The Division of Knowledge Management & Archive has the responsibility of providing the senior Administration of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MoCI) with information / statically data to support policy formulation and administrative decisions aimed at enhancing service delivery and, achieving the Ministry’s overall goals and objectives.  Consequently, the Division researches, conducts surveys, makes analysis of statistical data, monitors and evaluates projects/programs undertaken, or to be developed by MoCI, at the request of administration. The Division, which has cross cutting functions, performs a pivotal role in monitoring and coordinating several programs being implemented by the Ministry.  It is headed by a Director and assisted by an Assistant Director as well as a number or research officers; most of whom have served in other units prior.

Director: Lowell Wesley
E-mail Address: wesleylowell@staff.moci.gov.lr
Cell #: (+231) 0886 511379