Objectives and Vision

Roles and Functions

  • Establish and regulate commodity and trade standards.
  • Collect, evaluate, and publish data pertaining to Commerce and  Industry.
  • Establish and enforce standards for business practices.
  • Promote sound dev elopement of foreign and domestic trade.
  • Issue Import and Export Permits.
  • Control quality of goods and commodity imported into and exported from the Country.
  • Implement efficient and effective trade management system including pre-shipment Inspection of imports and exports.
  • Monitoring and regulating prices of essential goods.

Structure of the Ministry

The Ministry has three distinct bureaus:

  • Bureau of Administration
  • Bureau of Commence & Trade and
  • Bureau of Industry

The three bureaus are subdivided into 13 Divisions and they are: Personnel, Finance, Electronic Data Processing, Information, and Planning & Research, Foreign Trade, Domestic Trade, Inspectorate, Price Analysis & Marketing, Standards, Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Industrial  Development,   Industrial Administration & Supervision.