Office of the Assistant Minister for Central Administration

The Office of the Assistant Minister for Central Administration  reports directly to the Deputy Minister for Administration, and forms part of the top leadership team of the Ministry, driving its mission and strategic goals, as well as managing performance and improvements within the Bureau(s).

The Bureau of Administration promulgates, implements, monitors, evaluates, promotes and regulates the activities of the Administrative affairs of the Ministry.

The following staff report directly to the Assistant Minister for Central Administration:

  • All Directors in the Bureau, numbering seven (7)
  • Four (4) support staff working in the Office of the Deputy Minister for Central Administration.


  • As part of the leadership team, the Assistant Minister for Central Administration will:
    • Ensure efficient and effective Ministry strategic planning.
    • Contribute to the achievement of common goals, assuming a fair share of the work, supporting fellow ministers in their own initiatives, and being responsibleo   to make enough time to meet with the other Ministers on a regular basis to discuss common concerns.
    • Play an active role in managing the performances of the Ministry Directors and senior advisors.
    • Ensure efficient and effective annual planning of goals and activities within the Bureau including Divisional Operational Objectives. Provide adequate monitoring and reporting methods for the planning, and adjust priorities promptly, as needed.

    • Align the Bureau to the Strategic Objectives of MoCI through the activities of Directors and other managers, and that Directors cooperate appropriately with their peers across and within Bureaus.

    • Drive achievement of Bureau Operative Objectives through close attention to accountability from below, monitoring of standards and reminding Directors of Deadlines

    • Organize the reporting Bureau and Divisions in an efficient way with clear reporting lines, clear definition of responsibilities and that the Assistant Minister’s own immediate staff facilitates this process and do not become an obstacle or barrier. Make sure that during the Assisant Minister’s absence, and officer-in-charge is thoroughly briefed, has the delegated authority to make decisions so that the work of the Ministry continues smoothly without obstruction, and inform all staff clearly.

    • Manage performance planning and appraisal for the entire reporting staff of the Bureau by setting deadlines for Directors and Monitor results.

    • Ensure that Assistant Ministers and Directors form functioning teams and task forces as needed among themselves that are committed to each other to deliver the work of the Ministry.

Responsibilities Outside MoCI, as delegated by the Minister and Deputy Minister for Administration:

  • Communicating at all opportunities to stakeholders and staff the Ministry’s vision and mission, in a practical and compelling vision, and how the Bureau can achieve them in Liberia.
  • Creating long-term networks and alliances of support for MoCI and its initiatives among external stakeholders, encompassing as wide a range of players as possible including peers in other Ministries, private sector leaders, NGOs, and the public, as agreed with the Deputy Minister. 
  • Mobilizing resources at every opportunity from sources within and outside Liberia in support of Bureau priorities, as agreed with the Minister
  • Represent MoCI at the request of the Office of the Minister.

Hon. Alphonso S. Kuiah

Assistant Minister Central Administration