Minister of Commerce, Hon. Mawine G. Diggs addresses MICAT SPECIAL PRESS BRIEFING on the issue of Liberia's Major Commodity (RICE).

During a press conference at the Ministry on Saturday, September 5, 2021, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mawine Diggs assured the public that there is no shortage of rice in Liberia. She urged the people not to panic and explained that there is more rice in the country, including a large shipment yet to be offloaded at the Free Port of Monrovia. According to the Minister, the shortage of rice in the country is an artificial one caused by business owners who are manipulating the market to increase rice prices. To combat this, Minister Diggs warned those responsible to stop their actions or face legal consequences. Her ministry's inspection team will also be monitoring to ensure there is no price gouging, and will be checking for expired goods in the market. The wholesale price of rice remains steady at US$13, she added.